Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Compliments are always appreciated

Two more wonderful compliments from choral professionals in the area who caught our performance at the College Choral Festival:

From one person:
I caught the Choir's performance at Bluff Park a couple of weeks ago - WOW! You realize, of course, that UAB is the standard for choral music in this state, thanks to you. Great job.

From Glinda Blackshear, Shelton State:
it was Thursday before we could do an evaluation of what we heard at the Festival. My choir’s consensus was that UAB was the best! We had a discussion about how you achieve that huge, powerful sound, and it was very helpful to my kids. I reminded them that you all sang very challenging repertoire – and sang it from memory. To achieve that, the students must be very disciplined and committed. I also told them that it takes an excellent conductor! You have put UAB on the map chorally, and I’m so glad for you.

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