Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blogging @ Easter

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We've been hunting Easter Eggs today. And playing at the park. And, after marrying after the age of 25 or 30 not 20, I highly recommend children for all my students.

Easter hunt picture here.

Park picture here.

Claire smiling here.


Clayton said...

Speaking of marriage, how about the fact that we are now going to Italy/Germany the first part of May, which happens to be when Stephanie and I are getting married. All of this after I told Copeland 3 distinct times the date of our wedding. I know he cant cater to everyone, but I was really hoping to have one last great Concert Choir competition before I go off to seminary. Im not ragging on you C-Dawg, I just hope that the date changes.

Clayton said...

oh, happy Easter!
I love the pictures of the triplets!

Zé Lérias said...

Happy Easter to you from Portugal!

Philip L. Copeland said...


Here's the thing: I do what is best for the choir and the program overall--that is my task. One of the very real issues that comes with students getting married while in school is that important dates get set (showers, marraige, parties, etc.). Choir doesn't schedule around those things; choir does what is best for choir. People are free to choose what they want to do, of course.

The other has to do with money . . once married, parents have the right (in my opinion) to terminate financial support. If you are old enough to get married, you are old enough to support yourself.

Of course, the other one is making a lifelong decision while you are only 20-21-22 . . . it is quite young . . but it doesn't seem young when you are actually that age.

There are some problems with the dates I mentioned that may preclude us from making the May trip. However, the Italy-Germany connection is what I want to do. The All-Germany trip in July is still very much in the running.

Do I value Clay? Absolutely. More than he realizes. And I've picked on him too much this semester . . . don't know why . . . just happens in the flow of things sometimes.

Peace and blessings to all.

Lauren Davidson said...

wait since when are we going somewhere in may? that's not gonna conflict with graduation right? i feel consistenly out of the loop :(

Anonymous said...

Your girls are GORGEOUS!
Happy Easter!


Nick said...

I hope this makes sense...I thought of marriage and religion as having something in common...they are a personal in Christianity we have our own personal relationship with Christ...there is no one who has the same relationship with Christ and also some people who cannot make the commitment at the same way there are no marriages that are the same...I have always felt like people that dont want to work togehter in a marriage probably would not succeed even at 40. Many people are just not able to ever get past their own selfishness to work as a team. I suppose I am saying if someone feels they are right to get married at 20, 22, 30, 52 then perhaps that is what is right for them...we cant ever know what is right for anyone unless we are in their shoes...otherwise we should not be considered an adult until 25-30 ...just my two was mostly brought up by thinking of my Grandparents succesful marriage when she was 18 and he was 21...they were never apart in 55 years until she died...Papaw always said that as long as you had a strong faith in God and were willing to work through anything that you could have as great a marriage as they had for so long...Happy Easter everyone...oh and July would be better because I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN TO GO ON A EUROPEAN COMPETITION TOUR...JEALOUS...HECK YEH...haha latuh

Philip L. Copeland said...

Then why not age 16? Or 15? or 14?

Is it OK if two fourteen year olds want to get married? Your standard is too low, IMO.

Times were different in your grandparent's case. For me, the college attending student should wait until school is over. Can I decree that? Nope.

But I can state my opinion strongly, so I am.