Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mozart Fabulous

More thoughts later, but a brief review tonight:

Mozart was fabulous. All of the things I mentioned in the pre-rehearsal really came out incredibly well in the performance. My regret: Magnificat cue on 3, basses--My fault! Lindsey was tremendous, as were all of the soloists.

Our set was good, not great. Reasons? I have a couple of ideas, nothing for sure.

Chamber singers had some incredible moments. The music seemed to feature Andrew, at least from what I could hear from sitting behind him, and he sounded fantastic. Best I've heard from the low man.

The big picture: we just completed the final leg of a tremendous year. Messiah, ACDA, Mozart. Up next, Church on Sunday and CARNEGIE HALL on May 9.

President Garrison was in attendance tonight, by the way. I remember the word "spectacular" and "it looked great to have so many people on the stage." It was great to have her there.


Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with your remarks on the soloists (bravo!) and on Andrew's solo on the Monteverdi piece (bravo!) An amazing clarity, not only on the low notes! Once again, I feel that I am in the company of some outstanding people!
It's gotten late. Looking forward to Luke and the Big Apple...
M.S. of G.

Anonymous said...

That's supposed to be St. Luke...
Oh well,

Lindsey Harrison said...

To the members...I am a new transfer from UNA who will be at UAB this fall. Friday's concert was so inspiring. I've mentioned to Dr. Copeland many times that one of the things that stand out with you guys is that every single soul and face on-stage are completely engaged in presenting a quality performance. Thank you for being the best.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to leave a comment twice now, but my computer keeps disconnecting.

Anyway, I wanted to tell Dr. Copeland and the choir how wonderful the concert was the other night. A few things I noticed specifically were Charles' diction and overall musicality in Chamber Choir, the quality of the sound in the base section of the Chamber Choir, Lindsey's amazing tone (as always), and the Concert Choir's overall ability to convey emotion as one body. The Irish Blessing left me teary-eyed. The whole concert was wonderful! p.s- I missed Cantatate Domino.

Dr.Copeland: I may have only dealt with 6 or 7 directors in my music "carreer", but you have the un-touched ability to pull the best out of your students. This is something that was very evident at the concert.

On a more personal note, I wanted to say to everyone how great it was to see you all again. I've missed singing with you, and I will look forward to the next concert.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to sign my comment...

--Andy Smith