Saturday, April 22, 2006

MCAT Best Wishes

Best wishes to Lauren and Luke, who submitted themselves and their futures to the MCAT

Interested in taking it? Here's a sample.

Where you can find more samples.

And, when you are rich successful doctors, please contribute to Dr. Copeland's choral scholarship fund.


Lauren Davidson said...

so in my writing sample i totally quoted MLKJ "if i can help somebody..." it was amazing! see choir DOES make you smart and well rounded hehe...hope it went well luke! thanks for all the support copeland

Luke's Blog said...

Thanks Copeland! The exam went well, and it being over is a big relief. I wish I could have read your essay Lauren. I bet it was good! I will definitely contribute to the scholarship fund, but maybe after I pay off my debt from medical school. Sent you an email about today's performance.