Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wonderful Job. Thank you, choir.

Thanks to the people that were able to come tonight. It was a dreary night but you sang well--especially for such a poor acoustic!

Dr. Malcolm Portera
was in attendance tonight and complemented me on your performance.

Who is he? He's my the chancellor of the UA systems--the person over Carol Garrison in the Alabama systems.

So . . . one never knows where a concert will lead you. Our concert last Sunday gave us the entry into tonight's concert and the boss of the University of Alabama systems was in attendance.

And I was proud.


Nick said...

Movin on the big a deluxe department...mohooovin uhuhp...

Holly Jean said...

Dr. Copeland, is he related to the late Dr. Joseph Portera? He was the director of MSMS during my senior year...An excellent leader. Anyway, do you suppose Dr. Malcolm Portera is related? They are kinda from the same area... Maybe not. Lol. Just thought I'd ask!