Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mary Ellen Duncan, soprano soloist in NY

Found this today about the soprano singing with us in New York:

Dicapo's premiere got some extra drama when Allison Keil, the soprano cast in the leading role of Anna Maurrant, ruptured a vocal cord on Friday afternoon. As a result, Mary Ellen Duncan sang and spoke the role from the side of the stage, while Ms. Keil, at the center of the action, pantomimed Mrs. Maurrant's loneliness; her love for her children, Willy and Rose; and her affair with the milkman, Steve Sankey (Richard Gennaro), which leads to their deaths when her husband walks in on them. Oddly enough, this dual casting didn't prove as distracting as one might expect. Ms. Keil has a compelling stage presence, and the poignancy of her enforced silence gave her character an added vulnerability and authority. And Ms. Duncan acquitted herself well.

More about her here.

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