Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Finding Singers at UAB

It seems we are doing a good job recruiting singers from among our UAB ranks this year. At least five members of other ensembles in the music department have talked to me about joining Concert Choir next semester.

I love it.

I was in the band my first semester at Ole Miss and stayed in it for a total of four or five semesters--I don't really remember how long it was.

I joined choir in the second semester of my freshmen year and never looked back. I remember one of the pieces that we did that first rehearsal: Barber's Mary Hynes. It is quite difficult. I think I'll make it one of our works next year.

1. Mary Hynes

She is the sky of the sun!
She is the dart of love!
She is the love of my heart!
She is a rune!
She is above the women
of the race of Eve,
as the sun is above the moon!
Lovely and airy
the view from the hill
that looks down from Ballylea!
But no good sight is good,
until you see
the blossom of branches
walking towards you,

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Lauren Davidson said...

that's the piece that Reggensburg did at Tours and sucked at it! truthfully i'm not a big fan of the piece...but i guess we'll just have to wait and see... as long as we still do deep river! haha