Sunday, April 16, 2006

Seems like the subject of marriage is in the air again

I saw this article that advocated some of my beliefs.

An excerpt, obviously written to women:

A person’s twenties are about definition and getting Mr. Right to notice you while you prove to the world you can take care of yourself. At the beginning, though society allows you vote, you cannot drink and getting into forbidden places through ingenuity becomes sport.

Your twenties are about test driving your emotions, test driving men and defining self. The adjectives used to define Mr. Right at 20 generally include smart, tall, fun, handsome, ambitious, great car . . . At twenty, a year is a very long time and for most women, the person she is at 20 is drastically different the woman she becomes by 30.

By thirty, Mr. Right grows up, puts on a few pounds and has better things to do with his time than drink beer, work out and live just for the moment. Now a woman you realize substance exceeds aesthetics . .

The new adjectives now reflect your own maturity and include more concrete ideals such as integrity, a passion for living, principles, goal-oriented, considerate and loving. By thirty, you realize it’s not whether he wants you, it’s whether you want him. At thirty you sometimes forget what year it is because time now goes by so fast.


delia said...

that makes so much sense to me...i know that i am not thirty yet but even in three years my "adjectives" have changed a lot...

Katie Mo said...

my adjectives will never change!

fun, crazy, PIRATE!

Holly Jean said...

Especially the adjective "tall." That's important.