Sunday, April 23, 2006

Choir @ St. Luke's

4-23 026
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Great performance today, choir!

As many of you know, one of my mission's for the UAB choir is to sing at at least one community worship service each semester. The reasoning is several-fold:

1. It is our way of giving to the community in a public way.
2. It is a way for you to experience another worship style.
3. It is a way of showing the community some of the great things we have going on at UAB in the music department.

In recent semesters, we have sung at a variety of places:

Spring 2006 St. Luke's Episcopal
Fall 2005 Canterbury Methodist
Spring 2005 South Highland Presbyterian
Fall 2004 Mountain Brook Baptist
Fall 2003 Trinity Methodist

I hope to schedule a time at a Catholic church in the fall and perhaps a Jewish Synagogue service on a Saturday night.

We have much to give, and much to learn.


Marybeth Verchot said...

Synagogue would be awesome like whoa.

Patrick Williams said...

You should see about getting us to sing for Mass at St. Paul's. The acoustics are the best in town and most of the people there have a real appreciation for good music in church. And one of our own--Rachel Hicks--sings there.

Also, don't the Jews worship on Friday night and Saturday morning, not Saturday night? What would we sing for a synagogue service? Just wondering.

My parents said we sounded great this morning. Mr. Bill said the Palestrina was particularly fine.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Steve Calvert (the director) has mentioned it to me before. He's very open to the idea. Like Patrick said, the acoustics are awesome! ~Rach~

Anonymous said...

I was going to put my two cents in and say that you should sing at St. Paul's as well. It's a beautiful Cathedral and as Patrick said: the best accoustics in town. And, I too, heard Steve say that he wants you to sing there some time.

--Andy Smith