Monday, April 24, 2006

Something new!


I received a phone call today from the meeting planner of Protective Life Insurance Company. The CEO of Protective Life, Mr. Johnny Johns, heard us sing at the Episcopal church on Sunday and wants us to sing a few numbers at his Board of Directors meeting this Sunday at the Mountain Brook Club. (directions below)

For our services, he is a making a very generous contribution towards our European Trip next summer. Isn't that incredibly nice?

The details:

Group: UAB Concert Choir
Event: Board Meeting, Protective Life Corporation
Date: Sunday, April 30th
Time: 7:00 p.m. gather (place to be assigned from MBC)
Perform: 7:15 p.m.
Place: Mountain Brook Club, 19 Beachwood Road, Birmingham, AL 35213 (205.871.2116)

How to get to Mountain Brook Club.

So, friends, our last concert has not been sung . . . . yet.


Holly Jean said...

Kinda last minute, isn't it?

Chris R. said...

Generous enough to significantly reduce the price for everyone? If so, I might actually get to go this time. Which would be nice.

And...Holly has a point. It's very last minute.

Philip L. Copeland said...

I agree that it is last minute. I got the call today and it is for Sunday. I told you guys the fastest way I could.

My other option was to turn down the large donation and say "my choir needs at least two weeks notice, no matter how much money you may forward our way."

Significant reduction is in the eye of the beholder. Might this be the last contribution by this particular company? Maybe. Maybe not.

Is it a good idea to build relationships with local companies that donate large amounts of money to us? I think so.

Philip L. Copeland said...

I realized I had more to say.

Choir . . . don't you know how life works? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be invited to sing for MANY of the major companies in the Birmingham area and perhaps be rewarded with future contributions? One concert leads to another . . . word of mouth contributes to a tremendous reputation . . . and reputation begins to procure its own favors and opportunities.

One "break" leads to others . . you don't turn down opportunities to be in front of the "right people" because of small inconveinences. Instead, you knock yourself out for opportunities . . . that is one important way that people succeed in life.

Keith said...

I agree completely with Dr. Copeland. This is fantastic and WOW what a break! Even for those of us who are leaving, . . . don’t think I won’t be telling people in my future that I was a part of “one of the finest college choirs in the southeast” and by jumping on opportunities like this, we will maintain that title and reputation. This is a way to establish our name and reputation as “Birmingham’s University” or “Birmingham’s Choir”. And why not? Every drop counts. We want those majors and minors from UAB to stick out and catch attention when we move on later in life. Since I started at UAB, it has progressed immensely from being a medical school with an arts department to a respected cultural and arts center for Birmingham . . . And you know I’ve been here a long time too! I can’t help but think that UAB choir with its recent honors and accolades has played a role in some of that recognition. We can’t turn this performance down. It places us in a new “circle of influence and recognition” in this city. Besides, I wouldn't dare turn down one last time to sing with you guys.

Keith said...

Can we please, please, please sing Ave Maris Stella?

Sam said...

Dr. Copeland, I don't know if I can. I had some problems with work this week with all those performances we've been doing. And I know I owe you BIG time for sunday morning, but I don't want to get fired. They told me to ask the tuesday before when I want stuff off. What should I do?

Marybeth Verchot said...

Am I required to go in spite of my lack of ability to sing right now?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Copeland has written wisely. So has Keith. Note: the fine arts depend to a large extend on the support of the corporate world these days. Networking is utterly important for institutionized art programs as well as individual people in the arts, and one can never start too early, nor do too little. Maybe one ought to consider creating a "economics of musical art" course and add that to the UAB music department course catalogue...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo: institutionalized....

Anonymous said...

Who is MS?

Chris R. said...

For Simple Directions to Mountain Brook Club:

By comparing maps to St. Luke's Mountain Brook Club, it seems like the easiest way to get there is to take Lakeshore towards Brookwood Mall. Keep going on Mountain Brook Parkway and at Overbrook Road, turn right and follow it to the club.

Katie Mo said...

to Sam, this Tuesday will be the Tuesday before you want off.

and this cancels my trip to the aquarium but at least every time we sing, we get better! :) hurray for rich people!

Anonymous said...

hey Copeland, if I sacrifice my study time on Sunday night, do you think you can take my theory EXAM at 8:00 the next morning? :P Seriously though, I understand that it's a good opportunity. I trust this money will in fact go towards the European trip and not be accidentally lumped in with choir scholarships. Hopefully that statement doesn't sound accusatory. It's not meant to be. I'm just expressing concern since, know how life works. ~Rachel~

Marybeth Verchot said...

Are we recording today? Where and when?