Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blogs about everything

I've discovered new blogs lately that some/many of you may enjoy.

For those interested in religious things,
  • I discovered this one and this one while looking for information on the recent Presbyterian USA convention in Birmingham.
  • This is my new favorite Presbyterian blog (I didn't have one before). I find Mark Roberts easy to read and quite logical in his approach to most everything.
  • I found the dissonant bible tonight. Quite interesting. Start with this post and then go to others. This post is good.
  • And although I didn't think alot of Al Mohler while I attended Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY, I do enjoy reading his blog and commentary.
If you found these interesting, head over to thechurchgeek's blogs. It shows you one of the things I like best about bloglines.


Marybeth Verchot said...

I heard Brahms' Night Serenade(I can't remember the German name, or spell Brahms) on NPR today and I wouldn't be sad if we did it sometime in the next two or three years. *cough* But I'll make sure not to cry in front of you if we don't.

Alex & Laura Beth said...

Dr. Copeland - Thanks for posting these blogs. I am so encouraged to see PCUSA leaders standing up for truth. I was quite disheartened however, that the national assembly voted to allow churches to use alternative language for the trinity - language like "Mother, Child, and Womb" and "Lover, Beloved, and Love."

I'm praying for the PCUSA. Unfortunately, my view has been tainted by the very few students I have met that go the Presbyterian seminary here in Louisville. They are mainly lesbians who don't believe Jesus was God, but for some reason want to be pastors of churches. I am glad to see that not everyone in the denomination is like like the ones I have seen. I am glad that many are seeking to preserve the faith as it has been practiced and believed for thousands of years. I guess we all have to put up with our chosen denominations and seek unity within them without sacrificing truth. I have plenty to complain about with my own. :) So I won't get started on my love-hate relationship with the SBC. I have rambled long enough now...