Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some answers

I started this post a few days ago and left it on my computer without posting it. I may have ansered some of the questions already, but here it is.

Andrew asks:

"So what are the level of choirs in these two competitions, or do you know?"

Lauren asks:

"could you maybe give us an estimate comparing one to two..."


Level of Competition:

One truly never knows the level of the other choirs until the competition is over, of course! Even then, there may be substantial disagreement among the parties that attended the competition.

What I would guess, though, is that the standard would be higher at the Italian competition. Any preliminary for the Gran Premio would likely attract more qualified choirs. Do we want easy competition? I don't think so . . . who wants to win something that is a foregone conclusion? Would you rather your football team win the SEC or the Sun Belt?

An estimate:

I'm guessing Lauren is wondering about the price. Doing two competitions would add 7-8 more days on to the tour. If we added a bus or two to that cost, I think we are looking at $1000 - $2000 a day to be divided among everyone. That potentially an extra $16,000 or $200 per person. If we factored in hotel for everyone for that long, I'm sure we are up another $400-$600. Home stays might negate some of that cost, but I wouldn't know until I saw the exact numbers. The other very real factor is "group exhaustion." Normally, I'm about ready for a trip to end after 14 days. My consulting with Ms. Reynolds has reinforced that feeling--she recommends against a 21 or 22 day trip and she has been on more of these tours than I have.

If you want my quick opinion on the actual competitions, here it is:

Marktoberdorf: Quite prestigious, we would be lucky to be invited with our current international resume'.

Linz: Good competition.

Gorizia: Prestigious competition, a victory would enter us into the Gran Premio.

Wernigerode: Good competition.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm definitely coming back in the fall if you'll allow me too. I miss choir so much and the thought of an overseas competition makes it that much worse. I wanna come back SO BAD!!!

Josh N. a.k.a.- Tater

Katie Mo said...

i LOVE Mrs Reynolds. The woman is a genius! I agree whoeheartedly with her decision.

Anonymous said...

So about this cost of the trip...yes I am coming on the trip even though I won't be in the choir. I can video tape or whatever else. Well, that is unless Big T doesn't want me there. I need to know prices if I won't be singing. Will it still be the same?