Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today's Thought

Next summer is on my mind. Considering just doing one competition, but one that would have us in line for the Gran Premio if we won:

There is a competition in Gorizia, Italy that has the original date: July 5-8.

Competition website:

I'm looking at a 12-15 day trip; trips longer than that are very demanding on the traveller and normally cost-prohibitive.

The Gorizia competition would give us some wonderful places to visit in Italy and surrounding areas.

One possibility: Fly into Rome, travel to Venice, travel to Competition, then to Florence, then back to Rome.

I'm also very interested in: flying into Munich (if flights are cheap or same price), travelling to Salzburg, travelling to Competition in Gorizia (July 5-8), 2 nights in Venice, 2-3 Florence, then to Rome for a night or 2 before we leave.

I'm interested to see what the tour company might recommend based on past experience.

If possible, I'm going to try to schedule a concert in St. Mark's Cathedral (Venice).
photo of St. Mark's
(why you need to know about St. Mark's if you are a music major)

Here are other cities in the area:

Facts & Figures about Gorizia, Italy
Nearby Large Cities
Ljubljana, Slovenia (63.8 miles)
Venice, Italy (94.5 miles)
Bologna, Italy (186.1 miles)
Munich, Germany (206.2 miles)
Florence, Italy (221.2 miles)


Anonymous said...

So what are the level of choirs in these two competitions, or do you know?


Lauren Davidson said...

i'm all for doing more than one competition, could you maybe give us an estimate comparing one to two...

Katie Mo said...

i could die happy if we went to Italy and sang in St Mark's. because it's AMAZING!!! okay thanks :)