Saturday, June 03, 2006

Results - Qualifying Rounds

Here are the results:

Category I (Mixed Choirs)
Ole Miss Alumni Choir goes to finals

Category IV (Free program)
Ole Miss Alumni Choir does not make finals

The choir is going through a bit of shock--they never expected to not make it to the final category. Both performances went well today, but there is a feeling that we were at a bit of a disadvantage by going first in Category IV.

I was surprised to not make it to the finals . . . and then I'm reminded that we've only been working this music for a little over a week. It is quite astounding that we are singing like we are.

We sing three songs tomorrow: Jauchzet dem Herrn; Radiosfer; Alleluia. I think the choir will do well if they can get over the disappointment of today.

To my UAB students:

We made quite an impression here last year. Our photos are everywhere (I will post some soon) and I have spoken with several people about our performance in the festival. I have the feeling that we were very close to winning it all. If I can, I'll find out the complete scoring from last year.

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delia said...

good luck!!! keep us posted...