Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Germany Dates are Different

The revised dates for the Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition in Wernigerode will be July 18-22. I originally told you that they would be July 5-8. Here's why I thought that.

I hope they get their information consistent very soon. At least it is correct on their primary website now.

What it may mean:

We may be able to start the trip with a competition in Austria. I can't remember the precise location right now, but there is one that had July 5-8 at one time. My idea is to start the trip with a competition and end with one. Utah did that last year, and I thought it was a good idea--more bang for the buck. Give me your thoughts and ideas if you have them!

Another option:

Listed in their flyer that they sent to my contact at Witte Travel was the 1st Annual Anton Bruckner Choir Competition in Linz, Austria. Dates: June 6-10.

Decisions! Decisions!

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Lauren Davidson said...

so when would that get us back? like the a day or two after the competition ends? cause you're kinda starting to cut close to when med school starts (yeah i know i'm not in yet but i'm applying!)