Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our 2005 picture featured at Tours 2006

France 2006 299
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Many of the people at Tours this year remember UAB from last year. It made me proud about our work and accomplishment. Our pictures are featured prominently in several locations . . . I'll post pictures of the other pictures soon. This one was at the hall I visited last night. It is a great shot of one of our rounds.

Note to self: you've gained weight since then. Get back to treadmill ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

So, when you say are pictures are up in Tours, does that mean that they are up in the hall we sang in or walk into a corner resturaunt and there we are?
Thats totally cool that you were able to lean some new stuff. And some people say you can't teach a...middle aged dog new tricks.
Can't wait to sing with you again El Doctor. Look out Germany here we come.
Rock and Roll,
Linc Parrott