Sunday, June 04, 2006

Winner: Philippine Madrigal Singers

The grand prize winner of the 2006 Tours Competition was the Philippine Madrigal Singers.

I heard both their final sets today and they were incredible. Great literature, fabulous energy, and wonderful interpretations. I found them to be extremely personable, kind, and generous. They had beautiful smiles and kind hearts.

The Alumni Singers did very well in the finals but did not place in the final standings nor win one of the other awards.

It would have been a tremendous win for the group, but it isn't a bad thing that a choir couldn't win a competition in one week of rehearsals. If they could, the competition wouldn't be what it is.

I came on the trip for several purposes. The primary one was to "be a Concert Singer again." That was a great experience . . . to revisit my roots in choral music and remember why I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

I also wanted the chance to work under Dr. Jordan again. There is always more to learn, you know? No one never knows enough and the greatest are always learning from others.

Will try to be more coherent in future blogs. (It's late)


John Cosby said...

Philip, it's great that you guys came, saw, and made the finals. All of us alumni who couldn't make the trip (but wish we could) are proud of you guys, and Doc. You're a great choir, and I'm proud to have sung with you all.

Jenn Wilkinson said...

Hey, Phil! I talked with Leigh yesterday and today and have been getting updates through her. I've been so anxious to hear from y'all and wish I had found the blog before tonight (the night before you travel back to the States). Anyway, I am sorry that the Choir didn't win. I'm sorry for all of the singers and for Doc. However, I am so glad that you have had what I can't help but believe to be one of the greatest experiences ever. I hated not to be able to go, and I have missed Joey terribly, but I'm glad that you both have had this experience together. Can't wait to visit with you on your return. Much love to you and the rest of the choir!!! Jenn