Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hilarious comments so far. Add more!

Some great comments about Josh so far.

My favorite by the man with many names:

josh must sing at least one solo: the one maggie doesn't sing

Quite hilarious! Perhaps it brings up an issue on distribution of solos in the choir. I pledge to spread them around and also to have more opportunities this year. Will Maggie sing a solo? Every person has an equal chance.

Nick suggests that Josh must sing one solo this year as a condition of his return. Not a bad idea. He recommends "Flower of Maherally," a great tenor solo. Maybe! But we've done that one very well already, even though Clay wanted to sing it.

Clay wants an overview of strengths/weaknesses in the coming choir. That is something I wouldn't share. I view the choir as very strong this year. How strong? Well, it really depends on the individual efforts of the people in the choir. I will bring my best.

Chamber Singers will be a combination of Classical and Vocal Jazz. If you want a preview of the type of Vocal Jazz, listen to the Real Group (especially this CD) and a few from the Swingle Singers.


Whitney said...

I'm so excited about next year and especially about doing some jazz and also about possibly competeing in ITALY...Can we please go to Italy?!

Anonymous said...

Copeland, I was wondering if you could get some of us the music for next year so that we could get a head start on learning it (that is if you even know what we are doing next year). I'm really excited about next year, I've got a good feeling.


Clayton said...

I second the motion made by Mr. Maggie Hendricks. And I also have a good feeling about next year! Not quite a Pee-in-the-pants feeling yet, but close!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about me, Clay. Stephanie will have you wrapped around her little finger soon enough....


Clayton said...

She had me wrapped around her little finger 15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

so before we all gag at the cuteness
i must agree with clay and andrew this year is going to be something good
also it would be cool to get a rush on some of the music
even if it was only song and composer names with a linc here and there of some of what you want to sing this year