Monday, June 19, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Summer Evening

Greetings again, UAB Choir blog fans.

BIG NEWS. The University of Utah won the Gran Premio. Congratulations to this fine choir and this incredible accomplishment. Their win makes them the second choir from the United States to win the prize (Ole Miss Concert Singers were the first).

The Gran Premio is a contest of international choir winners, the only "grand champion" of the choir competition world.

And a reminder to anyone new to this blog . . . we tied this group in one of the categories last year at the 2005 Florilege Vocal de Tours. I've been watching for news of last Saturday's competition and didn't see anything until UTAH put it on their website. A huge congratulations to the fine choir and their excellent director, Brady Allred.

Saw DaVinci Code last night. It was a great movie, in my opinion. It's been a couple of years since I read the book, but I thought that Ron Howard really captured the essence of the story. I don't understand all of the poor reviews because I was quite pleased with it.

Colorado lowers age of marriage. Fantastic! Maybe it is a trend that will sweep the country! If all of my students were married before they got to college I wouldn't have to waste time advising against it before they are at least 25.

My beautiful girls turned three last week and we had their party at the Birmingham Zoo--a great place to throw a party for 3-5 year olds. Maybe a video or picture will follow.


Charles said...

I noticed they did Past Life Melodies this year, an incredible piece, and one we should DEFINITELY look into for next year...chanticleer did it and it was amazing

Clayton said...

YOU are amazing, Charles. YOU are amazing.

Alex & Laura Beth said...

Please show birthday party pictures!