Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another great comment from those older than 22

John Cosby is a reader of this blog . . . a guy that was in Concert Singers with me in Ole Miss. I found out tonight that he was also a big fan of Holst's Nunc Dimittis. Here is his comment to you:

That was my favorite song of the Europe tour we did in Concert Singers. The final Amen rang in Notre Dame forever, it seemed - and the audience stayed perfectly still until it finally faded. I remember having tears in my eyes when we stepped down after that.

Y'all work hard on it - do it justice.

John loves the work as much as I do, I guess. We were lucky to have had the experience we had back in 1988 or 1989 . . . whichever year it was . . . we were singing that song when this year's freshmen were born. I've been waiting that long to conduct it with my own choir. PBTG, that year is finally here.

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