Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Excerpts from a recent email conversation

You might find this interesting--I received permission to share it with you:


By the way, since I have never corresponded with you before, I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your performance at Southern ACDA in Charleston a year and a half ago-for me it was the highlight of the convention.

Dennis Malfatti, D.M.A.

Wow . . .

Thanks for the fabulous compliment! There were a lot of great choirs there (from some very prestigious schools). Would you mind me asking what made our concert the highlight to you?


I've gotten used to hearing some very good sounding choirs at ACDA and yours was certainly one of them. But, in general, I am often disappointed with the repertoire I hear. Your program at Charleston ACDA, however, I found very exciting and performed not just with a good sound but, more importantly in my opinion, with conviction of interpretation. Of specific interest to me was that your performance was my first encounter with the composer Miskinis. Although I haven't yet performed any of his stuff, your performance certainly peaked my interest in his music and I have enjoyed reading through some of his scores.

Dennis Malfatti

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Clayton said...

Wow! That seems like it was a lifetime ago. I remember everyone having an amazing time that trip.