Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Upcoming College Choral Festival

It looks like these schools will be attending the college choral festival this year. It looks like a great group of schools . . . and notice once again who isn't in attendance

Schools attending:

Alabama A&M
Auburn University
Birmingham Southern (FIRST YEAR!)
Faulkner State (First Year!)
Jacksonville State University
Jeff State Community College (Apologies for leaving it off the first time)
Northeast Alabama Community College
Shelton State Community College
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Montevallo
University of North Alabama
Wallace State


Brian said...

Is Jefferson State not going to be attending?

Jake Richey said...

why wouldn't they? dang that saddens me greatly...

Raul V said...

hmm still no tuscaloosa?

Clayton said...

Tuscaloosa is chicken poop. I doubt they will ever come to the CCF. I will try my best to attend to cheer on my favorite choir. What time are you guys slated to sing?

Anonymous said...

where is samford?

Philip L. Copeland said...

Another Mistake. Samford is coming.