Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Recording Results II: Chamber Singers

Simple Gifts 1
Simple Gifts 2
Simple Gifts 3

Which is the best Simple Gifts?

Double Double

Debussy 1
Debussy 1a

The best Dieu?

Debussy 3


Anonymous said...

i'll listen to all of them tomorrow, need to sleep. but...

i pick simple gifts 1. less abrasive consonants and best beginning i thought.

i must say that i had no idea we sounded this good. i was completely taken by surprise at our balance and diction. loving it! o wait...sorry. the phrase is "do it. feel it." i felt it!

~lindsey harrison

Raul V said...

i like the "love" chords on the second gifts

is the "a" for ashley? I liked the first Dieu

We sound better than some of the original recordings! This is exciting!

I love the laughter at the end of Double Double

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely honored to be singing in a choir this talented!! I had no idea we sounded this good and i have to say i had to restrain myself from running around the dorm room with excitement!!! WHO ROCK!! I cant believe im so blessed to be a part of it! Thanks everyone!

~Sami Ashley

Anonymous said...

Correction thats WE ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

I like the ending better in the second dieu. It sounds way more controlled and balanced. Though, our french in some spots is driving me crazy! All of the simple gifts sound very similiar. And the Double, Double needs another take, please?.....


Anonymous said...

Simple Gifts- Beautiful! Couldn’t tell much difference between the three, but if I had to choose I liked the first one.
Double Double- The sopranos missing notes on “Fire burn and caldron bubble”, both times
Debussy 1- My favorite the soprano section is more balanced
Debussy 3- The opening chord did not have as much energy behind it as in rehearsals, but overall I thought it was really good.
I'd have to agree with Sami; I had no idea we sounded so incredible. It is such an improvement from last year. I finally understand why we are bigger!

michelleA said...
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