Thursday, October 04, 2007

Numbers for Ireland


I'm coming close to having the music picked for Ireland. I need to know if anything has changed with your intention to go.

Are all those who said YES still a definite yes?
For those who said "PROBABLY YES," have you decided between YES or NO?
There are a few who were a weak "probably yes." I'm calling those Maybe's. Anything changed?
Finally, any NO's having a change of heart besides Lauren?

The touring company would like the trip to cap out at 47 singers, two faculty. There are 56 students listed below. We'll take every student who wants to go, but I need to know some hard numbers soon. Please contact me by email and let me know your intention.


Ayler Lori Yes a1
Cummins Whitney Yes a1
Fleischman Rachael Yes a1
Holler Madison Yes a1
Kirby Barbara
Movelle Katie Probably Yes a1
Reuter Rhea Yes a1
Wittkop Caitlin Yes a1
Davis Ashley
Glennon Aislinn Probably Yes a2
Hardy Danielle Probably Yes a2
Lewis Nancy MAYBE a2
Parrish Erica Probably Yes a2
Smith Jenny Yes a2
Thorp Jennifer Probably Yes a2
Beatty Justin Probably Yes b1
Bodiford Matt "Budda" MAYBE b1
Cantor Matt Probably Yes b1
Lane Steven Yes b1
Leger Jason M Yes b1
Schulz Martin Probably Yes b1
Bastow Brian Probably Yes b2
Baxter Ron Probably Yes b2
Dowdy Chase
Edwards Patrick Probably Yes b2
Fecanin Alex Yes b2
Hall Howard Probably Yes b2
Josof Chris Yes b2
Loggins Micah NO b2
Arrington Ashley Yes s1
Ashley Sami Yes s1
Bannister Elizabeth Yes s1
Foster Meredith Yes s1
Harris Katie Yes s1
Nolen Lauren Yes s1
Pace Samantha Probably Yes s1
Pair Erin Yes s1
Harmon Jennifer Probably Yes s2
Mason-Smith Sadie MAYBE s2
Nelson Roxy Probably Yes s2
Palmore Dana Probably Yes s2
Reid Maegan Probably Yes s2
Roche Jackie Probably Yes s2
Whatley Crystal Yes s2
Denton Brian Yes t1
Hood Jonathan Probably Yes t1
Kunkel Mark Travis Yes t1
Parrott R.Lincoln Yes t1
Russell Matt Probably Yes t1
Scissum Kiyoshi Probably Yes t1
Concepion Anthony Yes t2
Concepion Jeremy Yes t2
Dees Michael Yes t2
Lingerfelt Lindsey Yes t2
Miree Harry Yes t2
Richey Jake Probably Yes t2


Anonymous said...

looks like a great line up! exciting!

~lindsey harrison

Jennifer said...

I've changed it to a YES! You know that.