Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Quick Review

A few thoughts about tonight:

1. It was the strongest fall concert UAB has put on since I've been here, I think. Chamber Choir was extremely strong, and we can be better. I thought that was the best the Men's choir has sounded and the same is true for the Women's.

2. Easily the best performance the Women's Chorale has put forward. Thoughts:

Regina Coeli. Outstanding!! The last 12 measures or so is just incredible music. You made it exciting--even thrilling. I am considering converting.

Lost Rose: great.

Regretting: Funny! Leigh gave very high marks to Linc and Sam for whatever they did. I never saw it! The singing was hilarious and the audience really seemed to enjoy it.

3. Superb performances for Erin and Anthony.

4. Special recognition to Jake/Kevin for pulling off a band halftime performance and choir performance in one night.

5. Concert Choir did very well. Strongest fall concert but not as strong as we could have been, eh? Quick thoughts:

Regina Coeli: Fabulous. You even remembered the little nuance I gave you before the concert on the Alleluia. This piece will get stronger as we continue singing it.

O Sacrum: Lost pitch. Men still not solid on first chord. I don't know where we lost pitch yet.

Justorum: A great performance. I took it a bit faster at the end and I think that helped it end strong. Might have gotten a little to loud at "Malitie" or however you spell that word. Top of page 3, last measure.

Lay a Garland. Bad first chord, whatever part sings the 3rd of the chord in women. Rest of it went pretty well.

In the Silence of Time: Nice nuance. Lost pitch. Had some great moments.

Black is the Color. Best job we've done on this. Didn't lose pitch! Why not? It should have!

Great and Marvelous. Exciting and powerful. Choir didn't remember to pull this part back: You AAAAALone are Holy. Everything else great.

Lord's Prayer. Quite good.

If I Got My Ticket. Great job. Not the best closer. My fault.


Chris R. said...

I think a lot of the reason we lost pitch was because we were so tired vocally/physically/mentally/spiritually, we just didn't have the energy to keep the pitch up.

Also, after talking with several other choir members, a lot of them, including myself, felt the concert seemed to be a bit too long. My feet fell asleep several times during the Concert Choir set and I was dancing around inbetween songs to get them to wake up. Several (adult) people in the audience looked like they were falling asleep about halfway through the concert as well.

I think if we had done a shorter concert we could have spent more time perfecting the pieces and we wouldn't have been so exhausted.

G said...

I felt that on the second page of "Silence" we all of the sudden didn't have ANY idea where we were as a choir-the key, the room, the planet. We somehow found another key together and kept on. Weird. We just fell, it wasn't a simple losing pitch! Nerves just suck...

Fussell said...

I agree, I could barely eek out the very last note of "Silence" because it was so low.

Katie Elizabeth said...

I agree with Chris. My feet fell asleep, too.

I don't think O Sacrum ever HAD pitch. The altos had a hard time deciding which key to come-in in, because the men were so unsteady. I think some people were singing the correct pitch, others weren't... and, it all ended-up just being a big confused mess. We were all listening with everything we had, just trying to decide which key to sing in!

I'm sure the "too loud" you referred to in Justorum was me, though maybe not JUST me. I know exactly where you're talking about, and I know I didn't hold back enough. It was the adrenaline. I apologize.

You made a face when we said "AHlone" in Great and Marvelous... I seriously thought for a brief moment that you were going to charge the risers. It was kind of scary.

Chamber Singers did really well. I loved the Macbeth song.

Anonymous said...

The chamber choir was very tight on the dissonance during the Witch song. It was very cool to listen to.
My fav. performance of the night was the men singing "A Hymn to God the Father." That is probably my fav. mens piece ever written second only to Biebl's "Ave Maria". You guys really performed it well.
I also loved "Black is the Color", never heard that arrangement but really great nuance.

Micah Loggins said...

Eww...Where did you find that graphic? That capitalization is questionable.