Monday, October 08, 2007

Trip update

These people became NO's:

Elizabeth Banister
Matt Bodiford
Chase Dowdy
Patrick Edwards
Howard Hall
Danielle Hardy
Nancy Lewis
Erica Parrish
Kiyoshi Scissum

These are the Yes's that have paid the $20:

Sami Ashley
Lori Ayler
Brian Bastow
Ron Baxter
Justin Beatty
Matt Cantor
Anthony Concepcion
Jeremy Concepcion
Whitney Cummins
Michael Dees
Brian Denton
Emily Fledderman
Rachel Fleischman
Meredith Foster
Aislinn Glennon
Jenny Harmon
Madison Holler
Chris Josof
Mark Kunkel
Steven Lane
Jason Leger
Lindsey Lingerfelt
Micah Loggins
Sadie Mason-Smith
Katie Movelle
Roxy Nelson
Lauren Nolen
Erin Pair
Dana Palmore
Lincoln Parrott
Maegan Reid
Rhea Reuter
Jonathan Riddle
Matt Russell
Martin Schulz
Jenny Smith
Jennifer Thorp
Crystal Whatley
Caitlin Wittkop

I still need payment or a NO from:
Ashley Davis
Alex Fecanin
Katie Harris
Jonathan Hood
Bobbie Kirby
Harry Miree
Samantha Pace
Jake Richey

I have these guests from the choir members going that have paid:
Mother Palmore
Boyfriend Palmore
Father Wittkop
Wife Copeland
Dale Reynolds
Philip Copeland
Sister Reid

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