Thursday, October 18, 2007

Words from Scott Robertson (Trinity Methodist)

UAB Concert Choir and Dr. Philip Copeland,

It was a pleasure and an honor to have you with us at Trinity in worship this past Sunday, October 14th. You added so much to the worship services and represented UAB in a wonderful way. The musical presentations were pristine and demanded everyone's full attention. I noticed that even the toddlers were drawn to the magnificent sounds that inhabited their space. I believe that God gives us a perfect musical gift. It is up to us as musicians to find it. There is no doubt that last Sunday you found that gift and it was perfect!

Please know also that each singer that I had the opportunity to speak with was very cordial and personable. They made me feel welcome in my own church! The kindness they displayed is what will bring in additional great musicians to the UAB Department of Music.

You all have something to be very proud of. I wish you all the very best in your future musical ventures.


R. Scott Robertson
Director of Music
Trinity United Methodist Church
Birmingham, Alabama

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