Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cherith speaks to the UnderGraduates at UAB

Cherith is a Montevallo graduate and working on her Master's here at UAB. She has this message for the members of Concert Choir.

I highlight her comments because they echo my own advice:

if you're on the fence...here's my 2 cents...when i was in college - we were all poor and we didn't go on the "big trip" - we always tried, but it always fell through because people backed out. You will never have "enough" money to go, you will always have to eat beanie-weenie's, but now is the time in your life to do it. Now, 11 years later, who cares if I had eaten Ramen noodles for an entire year, I'd be thinner and I'd have had that great trip! So, bite the bullet and GO!!!

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