Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recording Results I: Concert Choir

Song of Triumph (Grotenhuis)
Justorum Animae (Stanford)
Regina Coeli (Twardowski)
Silence of Time (Meador)
O Sacrum (Miskinis)


Micah Loggins said...

Those sound very good; but the volume on them is pretty low. I had to turn my speakers way up to get it loud enough.

Anonymous said...

i gotta say it is weird picking out my voice on the tenor part during that one part.... i didn't realize i could sound that much like a dude.

or is it our tenors sound like chicks? :P


Katie Elizabeth said...

The volume is pretty low... I'd agree with that.

We sound really good, though! I'm impressed with us... haha.

If I had to nit-pick one thing, though, I would say we altos need to bring our placement forward a little. We sound kind of "airy"? Maybe it's just me...

Really good though... Justorum and Song of Triumph sound really good. We're very balanced. =-D