Monday, December 11, 2006

Catherine can outsing an entire choir

I was not the only Copeland in performance mode yesterday. Check out Catherine and Caroline in their feature performance of "Jesus Boy" at last night's church service.

I didn't realize that the "loud kid" was my Catherine until the end. Caroline gets tired of the performance about 60 seconds into it . . she leaves to go look at the manger scene behind the choir and then comes in for the big finish. Maybe she didn't like the middle part of the song.

Claire wasn't present during the performance . . . stage fright. She did a fine job of it later that night (at home).


Anonymous said...

Priceless and adorable!

Anonymous said...

they will kick me out of sterne library if i laugh that loud again! too cute!

~lindsey harrison

Anonymous said...

Dare I say...that is the cutest thing ever.

-Anonymous blog surfer

Anonymous said...

So cute! The Dean's Office in SHP just had a great laugh. With 3 daughters of my own....I have had one that didn't open her mouth the whole time she was on stage for her first performance. And she was the leader! Your girls are so adorable. I'm sure life around your home is never dull.

Mary Foster

Andy C said...

Ah this does remind me of our family Phil.

1-One child that must do their best to out perform the others. (That would by you Phil. Always trying to steal the stage.)

2-One child that is not doing what they are supposed to be doing. (Need I say any more about Laura.)

3-And the third that you indicate stage fright. No brother dearest. She just knew how bad the other two would embarass her in public and also understood that the lap she was sitting in was way more comfortable than being on stage. (That is one smart girl.)

Philip L. Copeland said...

Andy C,

It only seemed that I was doing my best when I outperformed you. I actually did it with half my brain tied behind my back.

Robyn Roby said...

The girls are too cute Philip! However,I think Andy might have something ;)

Keisha P said...

That is just toooo adorable. Do we have a future dramatic singer on our hands (Catherine).:) Too cute for words!!