Saturday, December 02, 2006

Same Old Lang Syne

I had a very Dan Fogelberg moment in Costco today--I met one of my first bestfriends during a shopping trip to pick up some things. It had been many years--probably 20 since we'd last talked face to face. The experience had several things in common with a Fogelberg song that I've loved for many years, Same Old Lang Syne. If you don't know the song, you should! (I learned some things I didn't know about the song and tune when I was looking up the lyrics.)

She didn't recognize my face at first . . . and we didn't talk for long (and we did not go out and "buy a six pack at the liquor store" like the Fogelberg song) but it did take me back to my sixteenth year in life. To me, my friend is still sixteen (the years have really been a friend to her) . . but I'm nearly 40.

I had a few insights that I felt the need to "journal" about . . . and since this is the closest thing I have to a journal, you get to read about it!

First, I was reminded that the person I was at 16 was very much like the person I am today. I've experienced alot and I'm sure I've changed in some important ways . . . but in my brief conversation with her I realized that much of the script for my life was already there at 16. I didn't know that until today.

I don't know about you, but I've had very few people in my life that I'd call a "best" friend. If you've got one now, treasure the relationship. In my experience, they don't come along that often.

Thinking about the Fogelberg song reminded me of the guy that introduced me to D.F., a guy named Paul who is now some very successful medical malpractice lawyer in Mississippi. Paul sat beside me in band and was an incredible trombone player. He is also the guy that first got me thinking about the University of Mississippi . . . where the crucial events of my life took place: college choir and Dr. Jordan, meeting Leigh. Without Paul's influence on me as a seventh grader in band, I doubt I'd never gone to Ole Miss, never met Leigh, never been the father of my incredible children and the director of any college choir.

I hadn't listened to Dan Fogelberg's music in a long time . . . I'd nearly forgotten how much I loved it (it's playing on the ipod now).

And so, today, just for a moment, I was back at school . . . . and felt again the old familiar joys and pains of that part of the past.

Life is good, and it's a great life.


Anonymous said...

thank you for giving me a wonderful ending to a rather taxing day with your post. friends are o so important. i forget that sometimes.

~lindsey harrison

scivley said...

Good blog, Big T! Thank you for sharing this :)