Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ramblings about tonight

How I felt:
  • the "afterglow" of the concert was certainly a high one. it seems to me that this was our best Christmas at the Alys since I've been here
  • each set by UAB choirs seemed to be of high quality and fine musicianship--i thought each group sang very well--great concentration, excellent individual musicianship, fantastic corporate musicianship
Dr. Jordan was at the concert and I didn't see him until the end. A few words from him:
  • "I'm very proud." (of course, that made me feel great)
  • "Everything was good and especially the Women's Choir." He was particularly taken with "There is No Rose." (I thought we really rose to the occasion on that one, women."
  • "Erin did a great job." (my opinion, exactly)
Maybe I'll get more comments from him later in a future conversation.

Other thoughts:
  • All soloists did outstanding jobs, and that includes Aaron Glenn.
  • We're lucky to have Ms. Dale Reynolds to keep us straight, to prevent mistakes, to help us look good, to help us put our best foot forward, to play some notes just a little bit louder when they have a tendency to go flat
  • Jingle Bells rocked. It's never gone that well. It's never gone that fast, either. That's the speed that it has always needed to go! I actually had to hold you back a bit . . . what a night to rise to the occasion.
  • A former Clay Chalkville tenor came up to me after the concert and wants to start singing with us next semester. I'm excited about him . . . a very nice young man . . . I feel like I watched him grow up because I met him as a freshman in the CC Chamber Choir. Making the Chamber group as a freshman is quite an accomplishment and I'll be glad to get him in our choir. Here's to hoping that it works out . . .
  • Another from Doc (dr. jordan): He really liked Choose Something . . . said "well sung and wonderfully interpreted" or something like that.
  • Nick said "Jingle Bells" went much better than last night.
  • O Magnum went really well, Chamber Singers! Meter was definitely a part of our interpretation and I think Shades Valley really did a great job.
  • Some of you don't believe me, but "Of the Father's Love Begotten" really is an effective piece. Chris called it a death cult song . . . but lots of people told me afterwards how moving it was. Two girls who performed it with us two years ago remarked that it was their favorite piece and so much more effective than they knew when they sang it.
OK . . . your turn for comments.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the "death cult song" went well last night! I did, however, have the feeling that Borat was going to rush in at any minute! Did you see his movie? I had a feeling he would prance in there and want to ring the bells again or something weird. haha