Friday, December 29, 2006

A Quasi Choir Lock-In and Late Nite Movie

The UAB Band Director, Sue Samuels, is a very bright woman. She came up with the idea of having a band lock-in a few weeks ago and I've been interested in the idea ever since. I used to love lock-ins . . . it was a real Baptist thing that I did growing up and even led a few in a brief stint as a full-time church musician.

I'm no good past 2:00 in the morning, however, and I don't like the idea of rehearsing on a Saturday morning. I like the FIRST part of a lock-in and not the end.

We've got the Verdi Requiem coming up, you see, and it will take quite a while to learn it. Instead of spreading it all over January, I'd like to get the bulk of it under our belt at the very beginning of the semester.

My basic idea is to rehearse on the first Friday evening of class (January 5, 2007). At the end of the night, go en masse to a movie. I'm going to call my favorite theater today to see what sort of deal might be available at midnight. (movie, drink, popcorn)

I did the movie thing with a jr. high lock-in once and it was a great experience. I'm not sure what it is that is so fun about it, but I love taking an entire group of people to the same movie. I did it for the first time with Leigh's medical school class . . . the 100-member class went to see Gross Anatomy and it was quite fun. (at least, I think that was the movie)

Possible timing of our Quasi Lock-In:

Friday, January 5
5:00 - 6:30 rehearsal
6:30 dinner (Verdi seems to dictate pizza)
7:30 - 9:00 rehearsal
9:00 break (ice cream?)
9:30 - 11:00 rehearsal
Midnight: Movie


Raul V said...

(For the Catholics): Will there be alcohol?

Anonymous said...

sounds fun, in an insanely choir-y way!


Anonymous said...

funtimes. alcohol...ok but THERE MUST BE COFFEE. that is a must!

~lindsey harrison

Katie Elizabeth said...

The first 2 rehearsels I could do... but, just warning you, I'll fall asleep in the last one.

I'd probably skip the movie, too... if I could do that without being too offensive?

Sounds fun, though... lots of caffiened, junk-fooded college choir kids locked in a room together for multiple hours. Wow. Yep... I'm up for it.

Erin said...

Well, duh to the coffee! I, too, am a product of Baptist church lock-ins: eating too much, watching movies, playing hide-and-seek in a pitch-black church until everyone passes out...what's not to love?! Add in singing and throw in a movie at the end...yes, please. I think it's an awesome idea! The Queen Mum wants to come, too!

Big Red said...
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Mitch said...

It sounds fairly fun.

My only concern is that its happening so close...People have yet to adjust from Holiday Break and back to new classes.

I'm not sure if everybody will have the work ethnic, patience, or concentration to be able to learn this and retain it...Especially when its at night like this.

Lol I like the idea well long as it can be promised this will trade off for some other rehearsal time off.

Also...From what I heard from some of my band buddies...the Lock-In for them didn't go as well as planned...but I think that had to do with the ALL NIGHTER lol. ^_^ So good job with the half-a-lock-in thing.

I don't think I have anything that night but let me check.


Mitch said...

lol on second thought...

Everybody get really mad at each other and then lets go to this lock-in.

We can tape it and send it to TLC as the pilot of Trial by Choir Season 2: Beef in the B-Ham.


Katie Mo said...

I have several questions!!!
What's it gonna cost us? Do we have to pay for dinner? Can we have salad too? Do we also have to pay for the movie? Is ANY of this free? :) Can we skip out on the movie if we're exhausted? what movie will it be? Can we vote?
How many classes are we exchanging this for, and what days will they be? (Four and a half hours means five classes!!! We'll hold you to it. They should be Fridays :))

Okay, I think that's all my questions :) Happy New Year!!

Whitney said...

For the sake of my crappy typing skills, I will skip the details and just state that I think this is a very good idea. Good one, Copie T! I'm looking forward to choir...I've missed it!

Raul V said...

Ha ha I like how the people against this don't ever use a computer.

um... I'm working.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!! I did this at a church with my show choir in middle school with Mr. Kincaid and it was soooooo fun. Oh yeah, do you know what movie yet? I vote Rocky Balboa... :-)


Lauren Davidson said...

two words

go Baptists