Friday, December 08, 2006

Chamber Choir Visited Hoover on Day of Murder

I saw this today on a website I frequent:

Killer's mom sues high school

Birmingham, Ala.: "Felicia Reynolds, the mother of former Hoover High School student Ricky Reynolds, has filed a $5 million claim against the city of Hoover, saying her son would not have fatally stabbed classmate Sean Joyner had her pleas for help been heeded. Ricky Reynolds is in a Louisiana prison serving a 20-year manslaughter sentence for the November 2002 incident at the high school."

UAB's Chamber Singers happened to be performing at Hoover High School on the morning the murder occurred. We couldn't figure out why they wouldn't let us leave--or even go to the bathroom, if I remember correctly. Sometimes, bad things happen. And sometimes, a choir is near them.


Charles said...

I remember that day...scary

Anonymous said...

That was a day I don't think many of us students will ever forget. Ricky the clean cut, nice guy was forced to protect his self and, I know personally the torch and pain he went through, and I tell you this much.

He was not the first to bring a knife to school, Hoover has so many hidden secrets and i know that we as student must get together and really support our fellow classmate. Sean bullied a lot of us, Just think about this how many students was at his funeral vs. the amount of students who was standing in line to visit Ricky in Jail.

We all wrote Ricky telling him we would be there for him, well now is the time. All of us that are now being bullied rally support so that the adults in our lives listen to us and address our fears. We lost to students a good one and a bad one, and no one still know the anwsers. Did our school resource officers do their jobs?? Did our Principal? and Parents. What if it is true Mrs. Reynolds called Mrs. Joyner, and she did nothing?? that's something to think about.

Anonymous said...

The clean cut murderer.

Ricky had his fair share of problems.
He taunted his fair share of students also. He killed someone...he is in jail. Thats it.