Friday, December 01, 2006

Men's Choir, soloists and ensemble

On the Christmas concert, the men are singing Biebl's Ave Maria, one of the great works of this century. The work was written for choir and trio with three solos.

Here's how we will perform it:

Solo #1: Chris Josof
Solo #2: Steve Hakim
Solo #3: Lincoln Parrot

Ensemble: Tyler Henderson, Kiyoshi Scissum, Anthony Concepcion, Michael Evans, Charles Henry, Clay Rector.

It's going to be a great work for our group. Congratulations to the guys who will be singing the solo and singing in the ensemble. (soloists will sing their chant from the choir, ensemble will come out of the choir)

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much dr. copeland for allowing us to do this piece. It is such an amazing experience every time i hear this piece. It truly is one of the greatest choral works of the century if not all time. Such a moving, glorious, and beautiful piece. one of the few times in history where an artist was truly touched by God. just.... everything choral music should be.