Saturday, December 30, 2006

Movie Negotiations

Alrighty, just got off the phone with a nice manager at Rave Theaters, Vestavia.

The movie deal looks like it will be a go (although the exact negotiation will take place with the corporate office). Movie will be determined around Tuesday--I'll let you know what the possibilities are and we'll take a vote.

Dinner that evening will most likely be Pizza in honor of the Italian composer VERDI. I'll do my best to get a salad there for Katie M. and other interested parties (via a trip to COSTCO).

Movie $$$: Price will be around $10 for a drink, popcorn, and ticket.

Possible movies:

We are Marshall
Pursuit of Happiness
Night at the Museum

I like the idea of a comedy after an evening of rehearsals but Rocky, Marshall, and Pursuit are all shows that I want to see (and haven't yet).

Response has been good from the choir . . . I think it will be a great evening and possibly something that we can do at the beginning of every semester. What would you think about that?

So . . . that's the latest.


Raul V said...

Pursuit of HappYness

Anonymous said...

My vote would go for Rocky...

But..I've seen the previous five.

I mean Rocky is a movie series that defined a


ewaroach said...

I saw Marshall... and I cried. I don't really want to cry. I also think Happyness-he he... will make me cry! i don't like it when people see me cry...

Katie Mo said...

i agree with Jackie.


Aaron said...

Just thought I would mention for the "band people" in choir that band rehearsal ends at 5:15 on Friday, so we're all going to be a little late getting there. Also, I personally will not be good for much of anything towards the end there after 9 straight hours of rehearsal, but I'm sure I'm not the only one in that boat.

I do like your idea of exchanging time spent in the all-nighter for days off during the normal rehearsal schedule. Perhaps the flow of ideas might run in both directions... (giant elipses)