Monday, December 11, 2006

More MP3's from last night

Ave Maria (Biebl)
Deo Gracias (Leininger)
There is No Rose (Stroope)


Lauren Davidson said...

did you get O Magnum?

Katie Elizabeth said...

I think the boys' Ave Maria was the best of the concert... loved it!

There Is No Rose turned out pretty good too... we (the womens' chorale) have a better tone than I'd realized from singing in the choir.

Mitch said...

Haha sweet...

Thanks for the mp3's Dr. C...

hmm..Now if only I could get recordings of Fall Concert. ^_^

Aaron said...

I must've listened to the Biebl Ave Maria about 50 times today.

C. Bales said...

where are all the other songs? i'm interested in them all

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