Friday, December 15, 2006

Striving for Excellence

Here's what we'll try to add to our recording today:

Ave Maria:

  • Women making the warmest sound we can make, especially at the beginning of the piece. It sounds a little thin.
  • Everyone but the sopranos singing with more meter at the beginning. Translation: softer on b. 2.
  • Men, more precision on every entrance during the Womens Choir vs. Men's Choir section.
  • Pull more on the words "ventris" and "sancta"
  • Men, think eighth notes at the "ora pro nobis" part
  • Sounding phrases that end with "MMM" or "NNN" more (only a couple of places)
  • Sing with emotion on "Sancta Maria". It isn't just a volume, it is a feeling--one of great need and great salvation.
The Three Kings
  • I'm hearing a problem with every O vowel--I am hearing a spread sound in the men. Tenors are still slightly under pitch.
  • Men must work on these words: SO, TOWN, NO, PLACED, LOOSED
  • Men, we can't be too loud on the word "bowed."
  • The women's incredible E major chord on MEEK must be perfectly reproduced in the men's E major word SAID.
  • A woman's voice breaks every time we sing "And kiss the feet of God." I've previously written it off as a once in a lifetime thing but I've heard it on the last three recordings. If your voice does something funny there, don't sing!
  • Men, we will strive for a rhythmic release on "This place is fit . . . . here is the rest we need"
  • The second time we sing KING at the end, we are dying away too quickly, we need to keep it stronger. I'm going to reinterpret that today.

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