Sunday, December 10, 2006

Early Praise from Lindsey (Wooley) Tuller

I found this email when I got home tonight. I'll write more when I have a moment to reflect on a great concert. Now, Lindsey's email:

Dr. Copeland,

The concert today was great! Wow! Ya'll sounded wonderful. What perfectly, in-tune cadences! The program as a whole was very warming and enjoyable. I particularly liked THE THREE KINGS!!! It gave me chills! Of the Father's love begotten was quite the experience as well. Rachael sounded lovely. Erin conducting was pretty impressive. The men's Ave Maria sounded very good as well.

The program was put together very well; with the short carols in between. It had a nice effect. Wish I could have been up there. : (

I sat in the back balcony and the choir resonated beautifully through out the Jemison. Your wife and three little daughters were a few rows in front on me (with their cute, red bows!) They behaved so well to be so young.

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Erin said...

Thanks Lindz! I appreciate the complement. It was a blast!