Thursday, August 24, 2006

ah the wonder of technology

I found my first freshman blog today.

The line that led me to her:

Also it would be wonderful if you could come out once in a while and support the UAB concert choir. It is astounding music that we are infact making.

What a nice thing to say about our choir!

I thought we made some fantastic sounds today. Still to discover, however, are meter, nuance, and passion. But, hey, it's only been three days.


Katie Elizabeth said...

freshman rock!... yep

Katie Elizabeth said...

freshmen... excuse me... there are more than 1 of us.

there should be an edit comment button on this thing...

Katie Mo said...

you didn't link to it like you usually do...inquiring minds have to know!

Anonymous said...

well, for the sake of inquiring minds:

Have a splendid day.

Katie Mo said...

hurray! I had no idea that she was a freshman though. I feel dumb.