Friday, August 18, 2006


It looks like I may have an opportunity to take part in creating/producing some podcasts soon. I'm excited about the opportunity and have been doing some reading lately about "the art of podcasting."

This site had some excellent points and here are two of them:

# Be whimsical. Maybe this is the same as #2, but I've noticed something about the best podcasts... they're having fun, and it shows.

# Be Chunky. Make segments short, diverse and put an audio bumper between your segments. It can be music, a sound effect, some whimsical voice trick, whatever. This keeps it interesting. A single droning line of ramble can really make the eyes glaze over. You need variety, we're an MTV generation, like it or not. We like it fast, varied, pithy and fun.
Do any of the followers of this blog listen to podcasts? I listen to some that are associated with the tablet pc and technology but I figure that some of you are into it. Am I right? If so, which ones would you recommend?

I've got some ideas for the choral world but I'd be interested in hearing yours. Anyone have something to share?

On another note, I've received a couple of "gross" comments on the previous post. Granted, it is a little out of the ordinary for the usual topic of this blog. However, that story from my wife was fairly unique and it seemed to be the kind of rare occurance that I thought I'd use to entertain you. Apologies to anyone who is having trouble sleeping after reading that post!

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