Friday, August 25, 2006

The Bible Was a Cover Story

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Soon to be Whitney Cummins claimed to be a reader today.

I asked her what she'd been reading lately, and she said "The Bible."

Tonight, at the church choir party, the truth came out. Besides holy scripture, she's reading the Jenna Jameson autobiography. You'll have to click the link to find out the name of the book . . . it's not something I want to put on my blog.

Pretty funny, eh?

Personally, I'm unfamiliar with Jenna and her body of work. You may be too. After reading a description of the JJ book, I have a better idea of why Whitney's also reading the Bible.

update: we got a visit last night from some guy in Poland who searched on Jenna Jameson.


Nick said...

It is a "Cautionary" tale not a guidebook for pornstars...only sopranos read those:) It is my fault...I bought the book and told Dr. Copeland she was reading is an interesting book...besides, did not Jesus hang with prostitutes and lepers in his day? anyways good book...the Bible I mean.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Copeland, I would like to point the reaction that Sam and I(i.e. her roommates) had when Whitney claimed to be a reader. IT was something like this : "We've never seen you read!?" which is not to say that Whitney does not read, it's just that our TiVo is more exciting and seems to fit better into our daily routine. So that's my point about Whitney and reading. And in her defense, I've seen that porn star book, and believe me, you can get caught up in it. It's best just not to get started on things like that. Stick to the Bible. There's a reason it's called the good book. And I say that with all the sarcasm it deserves. ;-)
-Ashley Arrington

Anonymous said...

yes,Jesus did hang with prostitutes but he did not do it for educational purposes

Katie Elizabeth said...

This made me laugh... really hard.

I love you people...

Whitney said...

Dr. Copeland,
I appreciate the shout-out for my interesting choice of reading material (I wasn't embarrassed in the slightest...and I say that with all the sarcasm IT deserves) but why must you use that horrible, dated picture of me. GET A NEW ONE! :) Thanks!

Clayton said...

I would read the book if it is indeed a "cautionary tale" and not a "how-to" guide. I've always wanted to know what motivates pron-stars to do what they do. Well.. I know why they "do" what they do ,but I am interested to know what kind of life situation would make someone choose that career path.

Just a thought. Either way, I dont this as a bad thing for Nick.

Whitney said...

I would say it is indeed meant to be more of a cautionary tale for young girls. I believe the author wrote it because she wanted people who are thinking of going into that occupation to know exactly what it is all about. It definitely contains some explicit content and is not a book for everyone, but I found it interesting. She mainly focuses on her childhood and how she came to be part of the industry and all the mistakes she made along to way. I definitely wouldn't call it a "how to" book...I'm not personally interested in reading that sort of thing. I did discover that the author is an intelligible person and has some good insight to give to her readers. Some of the chapters go a little far in detail and I skipped over those but, overall it is a good book. I certainly did not think I would be having a discussion of this book on the choir blog...its quite humorous now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Copeland, since we all know your stand on young marriages, and since you seemed so quick to make comments about them in front of the choir, we would just like to know why you haven't said anything about Whitney's impending marriage? We do not think she should be exempt for fear of showing favoritism.

Philip L. Copeland said...

Dear anonymous,

My position on my students getting married before age 25 has not changed.

If you want to talk about your frustrations, schedule a private meeting with me. Please do not use my blog as a way to anonymously challenge me about something that seems unfair to you.

Clayton said...

Dr. C is equally "tough" on all of us newly-engaged couples. It is out of care and respect, Anonymous.


Philip L. Copeland said...

I appreciate the support, Clay!

And . . . great idea for cover if you were the author of the anonymous comment!

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to offend or challenge anyone. Supposed to be funny. Deeply apologize.

Nick said...

Two things: what did this post have to do with marriage and who is "we"?

Anonymous said...

Personally I hate any anonymous comments that are made public. Even if it's a joke, it's cowardly. If you say it-- own it.

--Andy Smith

Clayton said...


WTF mate?

You know that I never make an anonymous comment! True, I love to stir the pot occasionally, but I always "own it" (tribute to Andy Smith) and I usually "F/nP4oWn" it (tribute to Tommy N.).

I would have responded to this sooner, but I dont read old posts.