Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scholars Symposium

We've received an OK to do these two pieces at the Scholars Symposium:

Ave Maria (Busto)
Joshua (Luboff)

Click the links for the MP3 file. (like you didn't know that)

Performing Choir: University of Mississippi Concert Singers (Jerry Jordan, conductor)

Take note of the incredible tenor solist opportunity. Be ready!

UPDATED: Joshua link is fixed.


Chris R. said...

The link for Joshua doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

my iPod is happy. thanks!

~lindsey harrison

Mitch said...

These songs are great. I'm so glad I got the priviledge of both of my choir directors having similar backgrounds! I feel so at home!


Clayton said...

Cool! Two great pieces! We have alot of work to do! Free coffee for anyone who comes to Starbucks Trussville to study their music!!!

Toni said...

Is there anyway to download these file for my IPOD? -