Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Collegiate Choral Festival News

Got an email about the ACDA Collegiate Choral Festival.

Here is the latest on who has signed up; note that two new colleges will be there this year (Tuskeegee and UAH). I wonder why all major programs in the state don't participate?

Auburn University
Jefferson State Community College
Samford University
Shelton State Community College
Tuskegee University
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Alabama at Huntsville
University of Montevallo
University of North Alabama
Wallace State Community College

4th Annual Collegiate Choral Festival on Thursday, October 26
Canterbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham.

Choirs representing two and four year colleges and universities from across the state will gather to perform concert literature for each other. Each choir will also have the opportunity to work with this year’s clinician, Dr. Sara Lynn Baird, Associate Director of Choral Music at Louisiana State University and President for Southern Division ACDA.


Anonymous said...

Where is Alabama and Troy State?

Anonymous said...

any idea what una will sing?

~lindsey harrison

Katie Mo said...

did someone pay Andrew to ask that? :)

Nick said...

for fear of causing problems I wont mention a certain "red" school that wont show...why...who knows...but I am bringing students to hear choirs and hope that helps them decide on where to go...sad example of poor recruting by not showing for this concert...

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean that it is a GOOD example of poor recruiting?

Chris R. said...

One word: FEAR!