Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From around the internet

I've got "google blog search" looking for the phrase "choral music" and I'm turning up some interesting blogs in the process.

Here's one from today, the Palo Alto Online: Ad Libs. She talks about the women's choir recent participation in an international competition. They got third.

This is from Shelli Stevens, a romance novelist:

But last night was wonderful. With Emma and I tucked away in this tiny room. I have my laptop, even though we don't have any internet, and I did the most wonderful thing. I grabbed my CD's and picked out some of my favorite classical ones. So I put on Faure's Requim. Which has to be my hands down, all time favorite, choral piece. I sang it college, and in a group after college. It was also the Requim sung at the memorial in Washington D.C. following September 11th. So I listened to it, in this tiny room without lights. With no internet to distract me. I even minimized my book I was editing and just listened. To this music that makes my stomach clench, my eyes tear up, and my throat go tight. I don't really think I can accurately convey how this piece affects me. But it does, on a truly deep level. Beneath the writer, I have another creative/artistic side. And that's the musician in me. The girl who will always appreciate great classical music. The thrill of a dissonant chord that hesitates to resolve. I love all kinds of music, but the type that challenges me emotionally as well as intelligently, will always be classical. And although music really isn't big in my life now, I remember how much I love it when I take the time to... well, just listen.

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