Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A singer talks about singing

Thanks, google blog search. The term "choral music" led me to another singer talking about singing. And, MBV, this one mentions Samuel Barber and the work I told you about (Reincarnations). Read her posts here and here.

A bit:
I haven’t done any choral singing for about 3 years now, and I feel like I’m coming home, in a way. Singing in small groups like this one was where I first fell in love with singing, and where I first knew that this was what I wanted to do. While everyone involved has worked extensively as a soloist, there’s something about working together in a small group that’s extremely appealing. Blending together, becoming in tune with one another in terms of dynamics and breathing, and making music as a unified body is extremely satisfying and challenging, in a different way than singing in front of a group or in a costume onstage.


Melissa said...

Thanks so much for the mention! :)

Marybeth Verchot said...

Naturally I am now going to steal MP3s from you first chance I get, because I can't really find much.